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Upcoming Concerts

We host performances by the national touring acts you love offering a variety of entertainment for everyone.
Onstage at the Sweetwater Performance Pavilion, you’ll find everything from rock and R&B to country, blues, and jazz.

The Sweetwater Performance Pavilion is a covered outdoor music venue, located on the south end of the Sweetwater campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A host to national touring artists and community events alike, the Sweetwater Performance Pavilion is the perfect place to catch a summer evening concert or host a local event.

Features of the venue include:

  • Custom-designed, state-of-the-art sound system designed by Sweetwater
  • A professional staff committed to making every live concert and community event an unforgettable experience
  • Free on-site parking in our brightly lit and easily accessible parking lot
  • Air-conditioned on-site restrooms
  • Food, soft drinks, beer, and wine — all available for purchase